We provide custom solutions for a variety of industries:

Agricultural Frozen Food Processing
Chemical Processing
Educational Institutions
Food & Beverage Facilities
Hospitals and Elder Care Institution
Laundries (Uniform and Dry Cleaning)
Middle Market Manufacturing
Municipal Water and Waste Water Plants
Pharmaceutical Production and Testing
Poultry and Meat Processing Facilities
Large Scale Printing Facilities
Real Estate & Property Management
Resort Hotels and Campuses
Thermal Plastics
Commercial Buildings and Property Management
Theme Parks
Power Generation Plants
Rendering Operations
Specialty Metals Fabrication
Cold Storage Warehousing
Mechanical Contracting Support
Plastics and Molding Fabrication
Ice Skating Facilities


We trust our equipment to Condor Technologies since they have provided savings from day one. They continue to offer us insight as to operational enhancements while minimizing downtime and erratic changes.