Safe and Efficient Boilers

As a major component of water treatment, boilers require a number of services to ensure they’re operating safely and efficiently. From water supply pre-treatment to installation of preventative services, and specific maintenance like implementing defoamers and antifoam programs, we have you and your boilers covered.

Expert Cooling Water Treatments

Maintaining a clean water supply is an important part of cooling treatments, which is why we provide services for every step of the process. Applying decades of experience, we’ll address any issues you might have, ranging from pretreatment solutions, on line cleanup and preventative services, tower cleaning, biofilm removers, to microbiocides and other disinfectants.

Programs for Peak Performance

We understand that improving your overall process and creating an efficient program can return a number of savings, both in money and in time. Many of our performance chemistries center on improving potability, reuse and recycle, and also address the issue of wastewater.

List of Services

  • BioFilmRemovers and Non-Food Contact Sanitizers
  • Boiler Water Treatment
    – Boil-Out
    – Cleanup
    – Preventative
  • Chlorinating
    – Dechlorinating Agents
    – Powders and Liquids
  • Chlorine Dioxide
    – Generators
    – Liquids
  • Condenser Coil Cleaners
  • Cooling Water Microbiocides and Disinfectants Cooling Water Treatment
    – Pretreat
    – Cleanup
    – Preventative
    – Liquid
    – Solid Mixing On-Site
  • Defoamers and Antifoam programs
  • Equipment Dry Lay Up Chemistry
  • Fuel Oil Additives
  • Hard Surface Cleaners
    – Acid based cleaners and neutralizers
  • HVAC and Process Closed Loop Treatment
  • Ion exchange enhancement and cleaning programs Metal Finishing Industry Specialties
  • Oil Sorb Pillows and Polymers
  • Odor Control (Neutralizing Agents)
  • Organic Based Cleaners
  • Ozone Generators
  • Paper Industry Specialties
  • Raw or Well Water treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane Biocides, Cleaners and Fouling inhibitors
  • System Start Up Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Thermal processing / Can Cooker / Retort
  • Textile Industry Specialties
  • Waste Water Bioaugmentation / Bioengineering Waste Water Coagulants (Organic & Inorganic)
  • Waste Water Polymers
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Water Clarification

Our Chemistry Process


Project Walk Down

Like a drop of water running through your facility, we go through an in-depth site visit and tour of your project. The walk down is important in establishing our understanding of the existing practices in place, and allows us to assess the project as a whole from start to finish. This “stem to stern” treatment approach makes sure that we don’t miss a thing.


Identify Performance Roadblocks

Once we get a complete understanding of the program, we’ll work with you to break down the existing processes and review our findings from the walk down. Working together to identify performance roadblocks ensures that both sides are aware of what work or improvements might need to be done in the solution phase.


Simulate Operational Improvements

Before implementing any solutions that may have been generated from the previous phases, we run through several simulations of operational improvements. These tests ensure that we really are finding the most applicable set of water treatment solutions for your specific program.


Test Modifications

It’s important for us to find quality and sustainable improvements that minimize the need for maintenance or upgrades later on. While solutions run through simulation tests, we’ll also actively apply and test modifications so we can refine our suggestions and give you exactly what you’re looking for.


Develop Custom Solutions

One of the final steps of the process is to refine the operation and chemistry components and work our improvements directly into your program. Each solution is handcrafted and designed with your program – and only yours – in mind.


Execute Chemistry Upgrades

We don’t consider our work complete until we help you execute the necessary chemical and operational upgrades. Our local, hands-on representatives will collaborate with your teams directly to implement the established solutions and incorporate any upgrades.