Reliable Automation

Count on us to provide reliable solutions that make your work easier to manage. We’ll work with you directly to eliminate multiple control systems and individual units, and reduce overhead that may be associated with managing day-to-day operations, all with the goal of minimizing continual maintenance so you can focus on your own clients.

Pin-Point Data Tracking

Data tracking is another key area where we can help you maximize efficiency. With our automated solutions, the charting and recording of environmental reports and conduct studies is a breeze. Our engineering team can design easy ways for you to get the information you need, when you need it.

True Saving$

Aside from providing safe water treatments, we guarantee our solutions are cost effective and respect your bottom line. Helping you run HVAC systems more efficiently, improving settling time in your clarifiers, and researching ways to help you reuse water, all work together to reduce your overall cost in running and maintaining your programs.

List of Services

  • Chemical feed systems
    – Configuration and system startup
    – Design
    – Troubleshooting
    – Outright purchase
  • Chemical safety and risk management studies
  • Cooling system operation enhancement
  • Evaporation credit management and negotiation
  • Heat recovery equipment and exchanger feasibility studies
  • Kilowatt per hour consumption tracking
  • Steam and energy conservation
    – Return and trap evaluation and supply
  • Custom Designed Filtration for Open and Closed System Clean Up Drumless chemical feed
    – Mini-bulk services
    – Neat feed
    – “No chemical handling”
  • Laboratory analysis
    – Corrosion coupons
    – Deposit analysis
    – Water samples
    – Microbiological monitoring
  • Onsite analysis and outsourcing
  • Chemical residual testing and samplin
  • Inventory management
  • Jar testing
    – System simulation
    – Efficiency study
  • System control and monitoring equipment Conductivity
    – pH
    – ORP
    – Web based trending and logging Water reuse and recycle programs
  • List item
  • Zero discharge water solutions

Our Engineering Process


Process & Triggers Overview

One of the most important parts of engineering the right solution for you is running through the overall process and identifying the key triggers that affect performance and output. Our expertise centers on industrial applications and water treatment answers to a number of questions – this part of the process helps us identify which ones are yours.


Identifying Value Opportunities

Once we get a complete understanding of the process and triggers, we’ll look for any potential opportunities forimprovement or savings. Understanding where we can get the most value from improving your process helps minimize costs and increases efficiency.


Research Impact of Proposed Solutions

Before developing any concrete solutions, we’ll review the potential impact of making modifications or adjustments to your existing process. It’s important that we minimize the need to revisit or readjust the implementation and execution of any solutions down the road, so we make sure to do our homework in advance.


Explore Solutions and Resolutions

It’s important for us to find optimal and sustainable improvements that minimize the need for maintenance or upgrades later on. Together, we’ll explore multiple solutions for each trigger and identify which resolution is the best fit.


Modeling Cost Consequences

One of the final steps of the process is to model and test the cost consequences of implementing or executing any of the solutions we’ve come up with. This helps us outline the true costs – but also savings – you can expect once we move into the final stage so you don’t have any surprises.


Implementation & Execution

We don’t consider our work complete until we helped you implement and execute any of the upgrades or solutions we’ve established. At Condor Technologies, we don’t mind getting dirty, so you can expect our local representatives and teams working to see you through the end.