Our network of field representatives offers you all of the experience without the extra overhead.

The savings are passed on to you in lower operating costs and increased return on your capital equipment.

We provide the basics like:

  • Annual account review
  • Annual system inspections
  • Complete facility survey and review with key personnel
  • Corrosion rate monitoring
  • Instantaneous biofilm monitoring
  • Ion exchange studies
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Local field service back up
  • National account pricing
  • On site classroom training seminars
  • Routine service review discussions to eliminate confusion
  • Tight control test apparatus

Our unique solutions include:

  • Computerized tracking and recording
  • Custom blends for your needs
  • Guaranteed price option
  • Deaerator efficiency study
  • Discharge compliance
  • Energy auditing – chemical and mechanical means for conservation of energy
  • Equipment leasing
  • Large product line without the technology of the month
  • Online scale clean up programs
  • Our Core Value$ Program
  • Produce approvals (EPA,USDA,FDA,NSF)
  • Rapid order processing
  • Utility conservation
  • Community leadership (active industry trade association participant and Board Member)

Tried & True

We have been establishing relationships and servicing customers the old fashion way for more than 40 years.


Breadth of Service

With over 50 industries serviced, we’ve helped others like you find the right answer.


Passionate Focus

Our customers are the focus of our business and our energy.

We understand that things often change in your facilities, but why should your water treatment representative? Turnover of personnel costs your facility money in training, mistakes, familiarization, and learning at your expense. Here at Condor Technologies, we aim to keep your local representatives local. These representatives become your trusted advisor and a longstanding part of the community.