Condor Technologies is a full service water treatment company.

Our approach incorporates a keen understanding of best practices and the latest industry knowledge, which we use to harness sustainability in each and every solution so your program can last for years to come.

We tackle questions like:

How can we…

Our Mission

Condor Technologies is committed to providing exceptional value to customers through specialty water treatment chemicals.

We focus on unparalleled engineering solutions and faithful service to industrial applications requiring water treatment answers.

  • Clear up the water in our cooling tower, boiler, plant influent or effluent or process water
  • Cut our chemical costs by improved control and automation
  • Dewater our sludge to minimize hauling and disposal costs
  • Dramatically cut our fuel and energy costs
  • Eliminate liability with chemical handling
  • Enhance bug activity in our lagoons
  • Ensure that our capital investments are protected longer than expected
  • Figure out why our softener is not working
  • Get rid of the brown water Improve settling time in our clarifiers
  • Get the most out of the different streams of water throughout our plant.
  • Improve steam quality and purity
  • Look into re-using water in our plant instead of paying to dispose of it
  • Prevent scale from forming on our boilers
  • Reduce pitting and general corrosion rates on our metal surfaces
  • Reduce water consumption and discharge
  • Run our HVAC systems more effciently
  • Stay on top of legionella risk minimization
  • Train our employees without teaching them nuclear science

Welcome to Commitment Redefined

Our expertise enables us to provide innovative solutions specifically tailored for your project. Simply put, we don’t mind getting dirty.

Our integrity propels us to maintain a commitment to honest, accurate results and reporting that positively impacts your bottom line.

Our goal is to work harder at setting, achieving, and maintaining specific units of measure for a custom built value-able treatment program.